AI art blurring the lines between technology and reality

Back in 1989, scenes of Marty McFly in the movie Back to the Future Part II being swallowed by a virtual shark for “Jaws 19,” may not have been so far fetched, as the fictional holographic and 3D art ideas we could only dream of, are now becoming a reality. The current discourse around AI art is centered around ethics. However, as Cassandra reported in our most recent video report CTRL+ALT+AI: Gen Zs guide to the AI Revolution 46% of Gen Zs will likely use Generative AI to create art or images in the next three months, meaning we’re about to see a whole host of unexpected and imaginative ways young people will play in this space. Much like the recently opened MSG Sphere in Las Vegas, marketers and creators are already experimenting- ahead we take a look at a few recent campaigns that have caught our attention.


Over in Hamburg, Germany, Mercedes-AMG employed an innovative approach to promote the new SL roadster. They set up a 3D billboard with a camera, engaging with onlookers in unique ways. The "Step into the Spotlight" campaign revolves around an AMG-branded LED structure featuring a life-sized digital model of the Mercedes-AMG SL in various settings. This SL model takes on the color of the person's attire, behaving like a chameleon. Moreover, the 3D representation adjusts its position and direction based on the hand gestures of individuals interacting with it, responding to actions like raising hands or mimicking an airplane.


In July, Maybelline created a viral sensation in London with a TikTok video featuring a clever campaign involving stylish public transport. Numerous media sources covered the story, stating that the makeup brand adorned London Tube trains and buses with eyelashes and placed oversized mascara wands for added flair at key stops. People were amazed and commented on the creativity. However, in a twist of marketing brilliance, the campaign was actually an illusion. It turns out the physical campaign never took place; the video utilized special effects.


Occurring on March 26, Nike's yearly Air Max Day is a must for sneakerheads. Tokyo is a city where Air Max Day holds a devoted fan base, and last year, for the shoe’s 35th birthday, Nike Japan had something unique in the works with their inaugural 3D OOH campaign. After a two-month effort, the final outcome showcases the iconic orange Nike sneaker box. It dynamically opens to unveil a rotating assortment of Air Max styles, offering a glimpse into the inspiration behind each shoe. The inventive campaign sparked substantial interest, both on social media and among pedestrians at Shinjuku Station - one of the world's busiest transit hubs.