What's Next In Experiential Retail

As the retail landscape evolves, a new generation of consumers is seeking ever more immersive shopping experiences. As many traditional brick-and-mortar stores have encountered economic headwinds, those championing "retailtainment" and concept stores have thrived. The demand for experiential retail is showing no signs of slowing down, emphasizing the importance of experiences for retailers to stay competitive. Here are some of the more innovative concepts at the forefront of this movement.


In a departure from the usual, Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru, India, has redefined the airport experience with its latest terminal. This innovative terminal introduces a sprawling 25-acre public outdoor space akin to the dining and shopping havens typically found post-security. It boasts lush gardens, rainwater-collecting ponds, a conference center, and the capability to host outdoor events and concerts. Importantly, it prioritizes accessibility for travelers in transit, enhancing the overall airport experience for everyone passing through.


House of Sport sets itself apart from traditional Dick’s Sporting Goods outlets by offering a distinct shopping experience. While it stocks a similar range of athletic merchandise as typical sports stores, House of Sports locations introduce immersive elements such as batting cages, golfing simulators, and rock climbing walls. Dick's Sporting Goods envisions opening ten more House of Sports stores in 2024, with ambitious plans to expand further by launching 75 to 100 more locations by the close of 2027.


In 2021, The Lego Group unveiled a groundbreaking store in New York City that combines physical and digital experiences for an immersive Lego world. Two years of development and extensive research went into creating this unique retail concept. Notable features include the Lego Brick Lab, an innovative virtual experience; the interactive Tree of Discovery made from 880,000 Lego elements; and a Storytelling Table for adult fans that brings set stories to life.

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