The organizations and Gen Zs that exemplify the cultures

As Cassandra discussed in our I-Identify report, Gen Z is more ethnically diverse than any prior generation, with just over a quarter of the cohort identifying as Hispanic or Latine. Now more than ever, the diverse Hispanic and Latine experience is being recognized as an integral part of every aspect of American culture and society. As we continue to honor Hispanic Heritage Month, a celebration of the contributions, culture, and history of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America, we’re excited to share the organizations and people taking a stand for a more diverse and inclusive society.


Independent toy brand Purpose Toys is launching the first Latine-dedicated toy line to its company. According to a recent press release, Purpose Toys LATIN will serve as a “cultural-focused division founded with the goal of uplifting and celebrating the Latine community.” Later this month, the company’s Latine division will release “Latinistas,” a collection of Latina dolls “designed to reflect the beauty and diversity of the Latine community.” According to Purpose Toys, the dolls in the Latinistas lineup come with various skin tones, eye colors, hair colors, hair textures, facial features, and more.

— Liz, 15, TX (Cassandra Collective)


    Anthony Gonzalez, better known as AJ, is a kid from Houston, Texas, gaining recognition for starting his own business at 13 years old, cleaning trash bins around his neighborhood, and calling himself “The Garbage Kid.” He started with 35 homes, and within weeks, he had more than 100 clients around his neighborhood. Anthony’s popularity is growing exponentially thanks to social media, where he has amassed over 99K followers on TikTok, and two videos of Gonzalez’s story have gained nearly 8M views in less than three weeks. Since then, he’s been recognized by the Houston Police Officer’s Union, and U.S. Congressman Dan Crenshaw named July 12 "Garbage Kid Day" in his honor.

    — Taylor, 21, TX (Cassandra Collective)

    — Gwen, 19, NC (Cassandra Collective)


      Last year, singer J Balvin became the Chief Dream Officer for the bilingual app OYE, supporting the Latine community's mental health. Drawing from his own struggles, the app aims to empower people in Latine and other communities to channel emotions into creativity. Developed by OYE's Wellness Council, the app offers diverse content from bilingual wellness guides, including emotional check-ins, goal-setting exercises, and mindful notifications, fostering creative wellness for members.