Cassandra’s latest report is available

In 2021 we at Cassandra introduced our Gen Z segmentation, and now, 3 years later we decided to jump right back at it with some updates and more category-specific exploration.

From Health & Wellness, to Social Media habits, passing through Finance and Food & Beverages, in this month's The Gen Z Roadmap report —available exclusively to Cassandra membership clients— we take it one stop at a time in the journey to discover the segments that are driving each vertical and how they have changed since the first time we talked about them. These are a few of the brands that are resonating with our drivers:


Latina-owned beauty brand, Queen Cosmetics, has seen significant growth and audience reach by utilizing TikTok Shop and Shop Ads. TikTok Shop is Queen Cosmetics’ #1 sales platform, targeting women ages 18-44. Their dynamic and interactive TikTok Shop Ads are shoppable in-feed and drive traffic to their Shop and LIVE shopping events. Most recently, Queen Cosmetics reported increased ROA to 11x for the first two weeks of their campaign that steadied out at 7.4x (well above their 2.5x target). They’ve also experienced an 84% decrease in average CPA compared to non-Shop campaigns. Queen Cosmetics’ video views have climbed to over 1 million, bringing new followers and customers.


Bilt Rewards has been taking over different platforms letting everyone know that even though rent is high as ever, Gen Z’s could get something extra out of it. The $3.1 Billion company was created to change the renting experience taking inspiration from the loyalty programs of hotels and airlines, these programs have their own co-branded credit cards. Bilt Rewards was conceived so that anyone renting an apartment in the country could earn points on rent with no fees and then use those points on travel, local gyms and fitness, credits toward the next rent payment, or even redeem them towards a down payment on a home without stepping out from their meticulously planned budget. They offer a free program for those living in a property under the Bilt Rewards Alliance and for everyone else, they can get a Bilt Mastercard and use it to pay rent and get the same (or more) rewards.


Meet Lomi, an on kitchen counter alternative to composting that can take only 4 hours to create a nutrient-rich fertilizer. Lomi leans into the technology aspect of the product, allowing users to download their app to earn points and track their own environmental impact. This approach appeals to Gen Z in a way that speaks their language - reducing their carbon footprint by taking steps to mitigate the climate crisis themselves. The only holdout for many Zs may be the steep price tag and subscription model, but can you really put a price on saving the plant?