Cassandra’s 2023 Glossary

Our recap of this year’s biggest buzzwords

It’s that time of the year again! Join us as we look back at the defining terms (and trends), from A to Z. Enjoy our 2023 Glossary, with a sneak peek of a few of our favorite terms here.


Ozempic, the injectable drug designed to treat diabetes, gained attention in 2023 as celebrities, Influencers and tech giants all turned to the drug for weight loss. Even Oprah, whose weight has been discussed publicly for as long as Gen Zs have been alive, is talking openly about her use of the drug. In addition to the drug itself garnering a lot of attention this year, the ripple effect of the “Ozempic Economy” - its impact on everything from fast food to airlines – makes this one of the most buzzed about words in 2023.


Vogue wrote earlier this year, “if you pay attention to one trend this season, make it “Quiet Luxury”. Defined by simplicity and elegance, we saw it on full display in the fourth and last season of Succession (another word of 2023!). Investing in high quality, timeless pieces is at the heart of this trend. And this trend is so consistent with how Gen Z thinks about luxury today. In Cassandra’s 2023 Luxury report, we saw that the majority of Gen Zs view luxury items as investments that can be resold if necessary. Affirming that luxury may not be exclusively about showing off wealth, but creating it.


Threads launched in July of this year as a competitor to Twitter, we mean X. Achieving 100 million users in just five days, this is the very definition of what makes the word “buzz worthy” in 2023!

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