Focusing on Sexual Assault Awareness Month

At present, sexual assaults are one the most prevalent crimes in the U.S., yet also the most underreported. 83% of victims are between 12-34 years old – and shockingly more than half of all rapes occur before the victim turns 18. Over the last two decades, and with National Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) raising awareness about sexual violence to educate communities and individuals, much work has been dedicated to changing the landscape of sexual assault, empowering victims, survivors, and concerned people to receive the advocacy, compassion, and support they deserve. Though open and therapeutic discussions are happening (The hashtag #sexualassault has over 99M views on TikTok) there is still much to be done. Ahead, we’re sharing resources focused on prevention and awareness that offer a helping and healing hand of support.

Image of the Love Is Respect logo


Love is Respect is a national resource looking to disrupt and prevent unhealthy relationships and intimate partner violence by empowering young people through inclusive and equitable education, support, and resources. Offering 24/7 information to young people between the ages of 13 and 26 who have questions or concerns about their romantic relationships, Love is Respect also provides support to concerned friends and family members, teachers, counselors, and other service providers through free and confidential services via phone, text, and live chat.

Text quote, “I think if you ask almost any woman, they'll all have a story about sexual harassment/assault.”

— Melissa, 23, FL (Cassandra Collective)

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That’s Not Cool is an award-winning education initiative that partners with young people to help raise awareness and bring educational and organizing tools to communities to address dating violence, unhealthy relationships, and digital abuse. Its vision is for everyone to experience healthy relationships― online and off. Resources support young people as they learn to recognize, avoid, and prevent dating violence. That’s Not Cool also provides tools and technical assistance to adult allies—such as educators and advocates—working with youth leaders or young people experiencing dating violence.

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SafeSecureKids.org provides free resources to help parents, caregivers, and teachers of elementary-aged children prevent sexual abuse and harassment by communicating with children about respect and consent. The program was created by a partnership between the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape (PCAR) and custom eLearning company d'Vinci Interactive, working to end sexual violence and advocate for the rights and needs of all sexual assault victims to bring help, hope, and healing around issues of sexual violence.