This week is Lesbian Visibility Week, an annual opportunity to recognize and celebrate the incredible contributions and vibrancy of the lesbian community. On TikTok, the hashtag #lesbianvisibilityweek has more than 33.5M views, surfacing clips that bring awareness to books, lesbians in media, and broader conversations around lesbian representation. As the number of lesbian TikTok stars continues to skyrocket, and with tomorrow dedicated to Lesbian Visibility Day, we’re honoring lesbian Gen Z creators using their platforms to showcase unadulterated joy alongside all the nuances and intricacies of being lesbian in 2023.

Image of the lesbian pride flag overlayed by a phone screen with Becky Dundee's TikTok profile information on it.


With 1.7M followers on TikTok under the name @iambeckydee, influencer Becky Dundee is breaking down barriers by living as a proud Guyanese-American lesbian. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, 24-year-old Becky is an online comedian and personality who uses her growing platform to educate people on the realities of being queer and Caribbean. However, despite gaining a large online following, Becky still receives backlash, such as body shaming for her masculine appearance. These comments have only fueled Becky's commitment to creating a safe space for fellow lesbian Guyanese and West Indians online.

Text quote, “I identify as a lesbian, and I try and dress like it to attract my fellow gays, but other than that, I don’t do much.”

— Charlotte, 14, IL (Cassandra Collective)

Image of the lesbian pride flag overlayed by a phone screen with Kaelee Overfield's TikTok profile information on it.


Branded by The New York Times as the “lesbian Perez Hilton of TikTok,” Kaelee has carved out a significant following for her videos breaking down lesbian gossip and drama du jour over the last two years. She has more than 543k followers on TikTok, where her account is in the style of a YouTube tea channel, devoting hours to chronicling the relationships, breakups, and various connections between celebrities.

Text quote, “I had to come out to all my friends as a lesbian, and that was a little rough, but they all accept me and love me.”

— Charlotte, 14, IL (Cassandra Collective)

Image of the lesbian pride flag overlayed by a phone screen with Ellie Medhurst's TikTok profile information on it.


If you’re into fashion, Ellie Medhurst is a must-follow. Her work as a lesbian fashion historian provides her 81.2K followers a super unique angle on LGBTQ+ history and visibility, with some general queer history and educational content mixed in. Her posts include a variety of topics, including the history of Black lesbian fashion, how queer fashion aesthetics appear in fictionalized media, and short biographies of lesser-known lesbian figures. Medhurst also runs a personal blog, where you can find lengthier discussions of lesbian and queer fashion choices.