Honoring the trans community today (and every day)

Transgender Awareness Week is a time to elevate the voices and experiences of transgender and gender-diverse individuals. This week serves as an opportunity to raise awareness about the challenges and discrimination many in this community face while also celebrating their resilience, strength, and contributions to society. As we work together to promote understanding and equality for all, ahead, we spotlight those helping make an impact within the community.


TransLash Media, which started as a personal docuseries chronicling the experiences of trans and gender nonconforming (TGNC) by Imara Jones, has now evolved into a comprehensive media nonprofit. Today, TransLash is made up of a team of dedicated journalists, conversationalists, documentarians, artists, and technologists. Their mission is to provide support to the TGNC community through an award-winning podcast series, short films, trans-affirming resource guides, and various other initiatives recognized by GLAAD and NLGJA.

— Sai, 22, WA, (Cassandra Collective)


    In 2015, Stand With Trans was founded by Roz Keith, who was initially seeking resources to help support her own transgender child. Now, eight years later, it is a powerful advocate for transgender youth and their families. The organization fosters an inclusive environment that celebrates diverse identities and intersections and is dedicated to breaking down barriers faced by the transgender community, including advocating for restroom access, sports participation, and LGBTQ acceptance education in schools.

    — Oleander, 15, IN (Cassandra Collective)


      The transgender community is full of vibrant, educational, and funny influencers to follow, such as Zaya Perysian, a Black trans woman with 4.7M followers, who uses TikTok to create educational videos that destigmatize the lives of trans women. Her content openly documents her entire transition journey, addressing challenges and inspiring her community along the way.