Three steps helping Gen Z find love

Whether benching, breadcrumbing, fireworking, or looking to DTR (define the relationship), current discourse suggests that the rise of situationships may be starting to define Gen Zs relationship status, hanging out somewhere in the gray between friends with benefits and committed coupledom. It could very well be the most complicated dating trend of 2023, but before we get all caught up in semantics, ahead, we explore Gen Zs other multifaceted approaches when pairing up.

Image of a man staring at the camera with a transparent rainbow triangle over his face


Sending the message that you’re into someone without having to say it out loud now has a whole new meaning thanks to body language signal #trianglemethod, which is gaining traction with today’s flirty Gen Zs, garnering over 33M views on how to perfect the foolproof way to make your crush fall for you. To successfully nail the triangle method, simply look at your crush’s right eye, then down to their lips, then up at their left eye. You’re literally tracing a triangle with your eyes, and according to the experts, it’s simple and effective.

Text quote over a navy background, “Dating in the world right now has become very casual and  less serious than it used to be in the past.”

— Tiffany, 25, NY (Cassandra Collective)

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Although 70% of Gen Z agree that inflation and higher prices are impacting their household as we’ve uncovered in Cassandra’s Gen Z Values and Value, Consumer Confidence report, rising rates also mean that dating has never been more expensive, meaning there’s now an opportunity to change up your dating routine. Enter Infla-dating, a new technique to help find love while staying fiscally afloat. And, according to the dating site Plenty of Fish, a whopping 48% of Millennial and Gen Z singles are embracing the trend, opting for dates that are budget friendly such as visiting a bookstore, hiking together, and checking out the local farmers market.

Image of a woman sleeping peacefully on a bed with white sheets


Now that you’re through the flirting and dating stages of a relationship and blissfully coupled up, it may be time to head to separate bedrooms. Say what!?! In an unconventional approach to bringing couples closer together, people are choosing to willingly sacrifice sleeping together if they can regain consistency in their sleep patterns and individual routines, providing a more deliberate approach to the time they spend together before bed. In fact, although not an entirely new concept, #separaterooms is having a resurgence and has over 1M views on TikTok, filled with couples of all relationship statuses destigmatizing the setup to their followers.