Brands and local communities look to provide a breath of fresh air.

With a 20% increase in new outdoor enthusiasts in the U.S since the pandemic, searches for #Outdoors and #ItsGreatOutDoors garnering billions of views on TikTok, and an increase in the number of Gen Z and Millennials being open to a job in nature conservation, it seems clear that the collective urger to reconnect with nature isn’t going anywhere. As we inch our way closer to summer, outdoor experiences are among the top travel goals once again this year, so today we’re outlining communities who have taken note. And read more about how Millennial parents are helping their Gen Alpha kids explore the great outdoors in Cassandra’s Travel Bulletin.

Image of Coney Island Beach in NYC


For New Yorkers unable to score even a sliver of a share of a Hamptons rental for the summer, two new beaches are slated to open in the city. The first, on the Hudson River, will be ready this summer and offers a kayak launch and a place to lounge with a view of the river. The other will be situated on the East River that will open in the coming years, providing the opportunity for sun-seekers to get their feet in the sand without leaving the island of Manhattan.

Image of the text quote, "I am looking forward to warmer weather, plant growing, and outdoor activities this Spring."

— Joshua, 18, OH (Cassandra Collective)

    Image of the Fresh Aire, Self-Care Chesco logo


    Over in Pennsylvania — Chester County to be precise — the county’s commissioners announced the launch of “Fresh Air, Self-Care Chesco,” a campaign encouraging residents to practice effective self-care for better health and wellness through easy outdoor activity. The campaign is geared specifically towards young people and was born out of recommendations made by the Chester County Youth Mental Health Coalition. For example, the Chester County Trailfinder Guide offers an interactive map, allowing users to type in their address and the guide will highlight nearby trails to help make getting fresh air even easier. As outdoor activities and resources increase in the run-up to the spring and summer months, this will be reflected on the Fresh Air Self-Care Chesco website.

    Image of the Visit Native California logo


    Launched this month, Visit Native California is an online hub from the state’s tourism bureau, intended to help local residents and visitors plan trips to places linked to the area's original occupants. It’s one of the first state-led guides of this nature. At launch, the site will contain 500 points of interest, venues, and attractions across the state, broken down into general interest areas as varied as publicly accessible Pow Wows, Native American-owned breweries, and Indigenous-specific aspects to state parks. Together, the recommendations serve as guideposts for travelers to plot out visits.