Grandparents doing something ‘grand.’

A grandparent's role may not come with a job description, but current discourse shows that grandparents today are redefining expectations and making their mark on society. Within their own families, working parents are relying on grandparents for childcare even more and multigenerational households are becoming even more prevalent. But grandparents are impacting the larger society as well, creating space for their own vision of senior living on blogs such as Good Grandpa and podcasts like The Cool Grandpa. Grandparents have entered the chat and younger generations can't get enough. So today, we’re giving you all a sneak peak at Cassandra’s upcoming Parents on Board report, as we look at how grandparents are further leaning into the zeitgeist.

Image of an elderly woman wearing a stylish outfit taking a selfie in the mirror


Senior influencers are taking to social media to share the same funny videos that younger generations embrace while also providing a unique perspective that sets them apart: sage advice earned through decades of life experience. Many of these “granfluencers,” are just as successful—if not more so—than their younger creator counterparts. Grandpa Chan & Grandma Marina, better known to their 396K Instagram followers as Drawings For My Grandchildren, are 80-year-old grandparents collaborating on beautiful art and stories about their lives, each dedicated to the couple's grandchildren. Self-proclaimed TikTok “celebrity” and 93-year-old grandmother Lillian Droniak—better known as “Grandma Droniak” to her 8.9M followers—began building a TikTok following at the start of the pandemic. Her content ranges from her telling her followers how she “slays” every day to a “get ready with me” of her preparing to visit her husband’s grave.

Text quote, “Grandparents can act as role models for their grandkids, teaching them about life's challenging concepts like relationships, mortality, and personal responsibility.”

— Kevin, 30, NY (Cassandra Collective)

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    The concept of taking all the coziness, nostalgia, and vintage decor of grandma's house and repackaging it in a modern and chic way is inspiring the youngest members of the home-decorating crowd, and is certainly catching on. With over 39.7M views on TikTok, The trending grandmillennial design aesthetic features vintage-inspired prints like florals with pastel colors, as well as traditional-style decor elements like skirted tables, floral wallpaper, ruffles, pleats, and more. Millennials and Gen Zs are reclaiming these design aspects and revamping them with modern features.

    — Christina, 29, VA (Cassandra Collective)

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      Long-term friends and octogenarians Ellie Hamby and Sandy Hazelip set off on an epic 80-day adventure with a goal to visit all seven continents of the world while documenting their Around the world at 80 adventures on TikTok also on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to over 62K followers. Returning back to home earlier this month, the socially-savvy duo made headlines reflecting on their experiences as the ‘traveling grannies’ who were living their best life, hoping to inspire future generations to realize you’re never too old to take in all the world has to offer.