Women's Hair Removal Gets a Modern Makeover

Not only are there more options than ever before for hair removal (Waxing! Threading! Depilatory creams! At-home lasering!), but there’s significantly more choice around whether or not you choose to do it in the first place. For those who favor hair removal, there’s never been a better time to do it, thanks to a recent rise of female-focused design, easier-to-use products, and better post-shave options that have paved the path for the process to become more personalized. Ahead, we explore how this age-old self-care practice is being revitalized.


It's a common misunderstanding that shaving clubs are exclusively for men. In reality, many of these services cater to all genders. Among them, a fresh wave of razor brands aims to provide women with a chic, budget-friendly, and environmentally-conscious shaving experience. Brands like Hanni, Happy Legs Club, and Athena Club offer a diverse selection of moisture-infused, colorful razors and convenient subscription options encompassing a wide range of shaving supplies, high-quality products, and substantial savings.

- Natasha, 23, MA (Cassandra Collective)


In contrast to facial razors, body razors are purpose-built for navigating large areas of skin, even in the slippery environment of a shower. It's becoming increasingly apparent that different body areas require distinct care.

Venus recognized this need and introduced its Pubic Hair & Skin Collection in response to 87% of women's dissatisfaction with pubic hair removal. Additionally, for those who prefer to trim rather than completely remove pubic hair, a dedicated trimmer can be quite helpful.

Earlier this year, the Venus brand also embraced the dermaplaning trend by launching its inaugural facial razor, joining the likes of Tweezerman and The Skinny Confidential's Hot Shave Razor.

- Rhiannon , 22, IN (Cassandra Collective)


Ingrown hairs can be both painful and annoying, and treating them requires patience. Although they often resolve on their own within a few weeks, searching "ingrown hair" on TikTok yields over 10.3B views of videos demonstrating various removal methods. Nevertheless, ingrown hairs can still be a nuisance. Fur, a skincare brand specializing in body hair, has recently introduced a groundbreaking solution – the Ingrown Microdart Patch. Think of it as a zit sticker but with microdarts that deliver essential ingredients such as salicylic acid and hyaluronic acid directly into the ingrown hair bump, designed to eliminate them virtually overnight.