The Joy of Discovery

Cassandra’s latest report examining Gen Z, discovery, and Innovation

At the heart of Gen Z's current discovery journey lies the algorithm, the most powerful tool in their search for joy. People can now step into a perfectly curated bubble that will constantly serve tailored suggestions that align with their interests, values, and aspirations. This peak of convenience allowed for a younger generation that beyond aiming for “ease” reshaped the concept of innovation into a one that centered itself within the search for enjoyment.

Today’s latest report from Cassandra, available exclusively to our Cassandra membership clients — dives deep into Gen Z's discovery and innovation landscape, exploring the interconnected roles of algorithms, social recommendations, in-person shopping, and the evolving definition of innovation. Gen Z's pursuit of joy and meaningful experiences is shaping the future of media, retail, and innovation. Below, we highlight a few examples of what we are seeing in the marketplace that touch on what Gen Z is looking for.


Dan Harris, a former ABC News anchor founded the Ten percent happier brand after suffering a panic attack on live television. What started as a New York Times bestselling book, the brand expanded to a podcast and now an app and website. The app offers many benefits, from meditation, sleep, anxiety reduction, and weight management. Truly offering multi-functional health & wellness benefits.


VW’s latest commercial highlights the crave for happiness, as they continue to push the envelope with innovative new designs of their fleet. With the tagline ‘We shape its metal. You shape its soul.’, the company emphasizes that what consumers bring to their vehicles plays a large role in the way they are used and the legacy they will carry on. To celebrate their 75 years in America, VW goes on to say “At first, people thought we looked sort of funny. But then, something extraordinary happened. They began to fall in love.” New design and innovation can only go so far, it’s the human element that brings them to life.


Chase Travel's "Where Travelers Go" campaign effectively caters to Gen Z's diverse travel preferences by highlighting personalized experiences and authentic discoveries. The campaign recognizes the uniqueness of every traveler, offering a range of destinations and activities that resonate with Gen Z's desire for tailored, immersive experiences. The messaging captures the essence of exploration and spontaneity, mirroring Gen Z's enthusiasm for new discoveries, and by leveraging technology and digital platforms, such as the Chase Travel search bar, the campaign seamlessly integrates convenience with authenticity, appealing to Gen Z's digital-native mindset that also happens to be searching for joy.

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