Heartbreak Healing Solutions

An unexpected dumping will leave one with questions, with many heading over to TikTok searching for advice on “how to get over heartbreak”, with guidance raking up over 18B views. But, never did it cross our mind that actual tools would exist. Despite our surprise today, amongst the boot camps and dedicated social networks, a burgeoning market caters to those heartbroken, offering recovery solutions that may help provide closure.

Image of the RX Breakup logo with an illustration of a woman in a nurse outfit hugging a broken heart


RX Breakup is a 30-day guide, and there's no cheating. You can only work through one topic daily to ensure you give yourself time to heal. The app aims to “help you replace unhealthy coping mechanisms with positive change” and offers advice like “seeing posts of happy couples will sabotage your progress.” So if you feel your mind slipping back towards your ex at the end of the day, don't worry—the app sends you a pep talk at 5 pm. It also helps you navigate your emotions and identify red flags for future relationships. Its ultimate aim is to create a new and improved version of you through realistic guidance.

Image of the Heart Broken Anonymous logo


Recovering from her own experience with heartbreak, Naz Perez - a TV host, producer, podcaster, and entrepreneur, founded Heart Broken Anonymous. This free support group offers a safe space for people from all walks of life to connect and heal from life’s challenges. Within each meeting, each member has 4 minutes to share their story, with every session concluding and sharing something you are then grateful for.

Text quote, “My generation is so emotional that they keep getting heartbroken.”

— Akriti, 17, NY (Cassandra Collective)

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When you're going through a breakup, your feelings change constantly. Break-Up Boss understands that and is here to be a pocket companion, guiding you through your breakup every step of the way. The app allows you to write texts to your ex that you don’t send (“to let out all your rage/upset/misery”). Additionally, you can get some "advice SOS" through snappy quotes and receive daily "pep-pep" notifications to pepper you with positivity.