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Guess what? Another week has passed by! Time to talk about the most relevant internet news of the past seven days. Culture moves fast, and we at Cassandra try to move even faster to keep up with all the relevant issues Gen Z can't stop discussing. Today, we'll gather all the reasons why people are mad at The Little Mermaid, touch on the finale of the most talked-about show in a while, and witness why Moms are always right! —all this and more in this week's recap of Viral News.

Image of the blue Disney's The Little Mermaid logo over a black background


Disney's new The Little Mermaid live-action film is finally out, and it has caused a splash in every direction. While the controversy has been present since the casting announcement and became louder with the trailer release, detractors who continue to be upset by a mermaid’s skin color are now posting negative reviews with multiple accounts and bots. This tactic, called "review bombing," has pushed one of the most significant websites, Amazon-owned IMDb, to put in motion a new set of changes to their rating system, weighting the reviews received to avoid manipulation. On the other side of the political spectrum, the movie is also receiving some pushback because of the erasure of an essential aspect of the film's 18th-century Caribbean location: the transatlantic slave trade. While presenting an incredibly diverse cast, the utopic racial harmony under the sea remains when going on land, missing an opportunity to educate children gently. Regardless of all the discourse around this film, it still grossed $163.8 million at the box office on opening weekend, so apparently, lots and lots of kids and parents want to be part of Ariel’s world.

Image of the black Succession logo over a white background


After four seasons of enjoyment for some and masochism for others, the Roy family finally has its successor... sort of. Don't worry; we won't spoil too much, but the internet might! The show which has elevated trends like "quiet luxury," and gave us the smash hit L to the OG, is the talk of the internet after its big finale this past Sunday. The existential memes didn't take long, wondering what will we watch now. TikTok- and Battery Park in lower Manhattan- was filled with reactions, deep dives, fashion, and everything that made sense... dramaturgically. Of course, we will miss everyone's favorite awful billionaires!

Image of a woman's hand holding a lit cigarette over a black background. There is a screenshot of a headline that says, "Jenna Ortega’s mom seemingly calls her out for smoking cigarettes by sharing dangers of lung cancer"


And we're not talking about Morticia. Natalie Ortega, the mom of Wednesday actress, Jenna Ortega, went viral after calling out her daughter's smoking in the most mom way possible: through very pointed hints in since-then deleted Instagram stories. The 20-year-old actress was captured by paparazzi having lunch and a cigarette, and Mom —who happens to also be a nurse— was not happy at all. The Instagram stories contained screenshots of the dangers and consequences of smoking, explicit pictures of affected body parts, a meme, and a final message about how "A mother is always a mother." We have the feeling Jenna might be grounded.