Tuning in to alternative media platforms

As we’ve all witnessed, Gen Z has influenced and disrupted multiple industries, including entertainment. Content consumption continues to evolve at neckbreak speed, with Gen Z viewers’ attention currently consolidated to three primary platforms: YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch. However, other platforms are emerging to court Gen Z with a focus on highly custom-tailored experiences. Ahead, we take a look at some of these alt options.


In a kind of Twitch for athletes and their fans, and in a novel new way to reach Gen Z- Hang Media may be onto something. They match brand sponsors with popular athletes and give small groups of fans a chance to hang with them while watching a game. The company says it has attracted over 20M fans to its branded “Hangs” with athletes since launching in 2021 and features a host who guides conversations with the athletes as they watch the given sports event. Fans can take part in the “broadcasts” and have the chance to ask questions with the athletes and celebrities.

— Shae, 25, TX (Cassandra Collective)


For the Gen Zs, who, as Cassandra reported on in our most recent Bringing Culture into Focus report, are coping with life's challenges through nihilistic humor- this alternative streaming service may be just the thing. Dropout.tv was born of College Humor, the once wildly popular comedy website that shut down in 2020 after parent company IAC/InterActiveCorp, well, dropped out. Sam Reich, CollegeHumor CEO, took over and is shaping Dropout into one of the best game show networks in media. (Reich also happens to be the host of the Game Changer, the anchor series that combines improv comedy, puzzle solving, fierce competition, and a prankster ethos). At $5.99 a month, the streamer is supportive of password sharing.


For those without video streaming subscriptions or when friends have different services, Kast enables shared online movie nights, games, and virtual house parties. Voice, text, and video chat make it easy to connect with friends wherever they are. Screen sharing with up to 100 people is possible, and users can choose from Kast's movie library and enjoy a mix of independent and mainstream films, free with ads or ad-free through Kast Premium.