Honoring our faithful friends

This Sunday is National Dog Day with a mission to help the public recognize the number of dogs that need to be rescued and adopted each year. It also serves as a reminder to advocate for animal rights and responsible pet ownership while cherishing and caring for these beloved furry companions. Along with all the advocacy, dog culture is a howling business thanks to our poochie pals leaving an indelible paw print on the market. So, ahead, we look at a few of the top doggy trends leaving their bark.


These days, several pet product brands are specifically designed to look like human consumables and the marketing follows strategies similar to human health foods and wellness products. Migos Dog, for example, is a female-led, fresh dog food and supplement company based in Malibu, using the finest human-grade honest ingredients and focused on gut health. They also make their brand accessible by using social media to teach people how to make their own dog food at home with free weekly recipes, which recently gained the attention of "The Youth Animal Rescue Initiative'' (YARI), a high school organization, that works with many local LA rescue shelters to help get dogs adopted.

— Alys, 22, MD (Cassandra Collective)


According to recent reports, the term “dog-centric” is emerging to describe apartment buildings that aren’t just pet-friendly but full-on equipped to handle the influx of canines accompanying new residents. The bar has been raised by those who expect their residence to furnish a high level of support for their furry friends. The priorities include doggy daycare, private dog parks nearby, a dedicated dog room with external access with a sleeping area, a low wash basin, and underfloor heating. Plus, walk-in dog showers are the new must-have for many house-proud dog owners.

— Gwen, 19, NC (Cassandra Collective)


The global pet clothing market is expected to be worth $7B by 2032, and in the past year alone, numerous fashion houses have launched lines for our faithful friends, including Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger, and Christian Louboutin. However, this isn’t just a trend for luxury fashion. Dolly Parton also launched her own line of dog clothes in 2022, with the wooftastic name Doggy Parton, and Nu-metal pioneers Korn launched their horror and rock-themed pet products Freak on a Leash with a line running from classy but low-key collars and leashes bearing just the logo.

And, of course, where there is fashion, there must be fashion supermodels. Dog influencer/doggy model Montjiro has been featured in the New York Post and Buzzfeed as one of the best-dressed dogs on Instagram and is leading the pack with brand deals and fashion collaborations.