Gamers get serious about their health

Gamers spend a lot of time gaming and practicing on their consoles, but that’s not enough to reach peak performance. New and ongoing research shows that expert physical training, targeted nutrition, and strong mental health are linked to improved results, especially as studies have found that the top 10% of esports players are more physically active than the other 90% of competitive gamers. Training has become so vital to competitive gaming that new technology is emerging to help esports athletes train like traditional athletes. Ahead, we take a look at some new products and methods, including some surprising ones assisting gamers in getting fit and performing better.

Image of four cans of Go Mate


Developed to assist competitive gamers in becoming better all-around athletes while lowering their chance of injury and boosting their mental health, Go Mate - the high performance energy drink brand - is partnering with Argentina and Manchester City footballer Sergio Aguero and esports organization Astralis to launch a new training program for gamers. The program will include weekly workout routines, mental agility training, muscle conditioning, and cardio; all catered to an esports audience.

Image of Neubria Zone packaging gaming supplements


Gamers are looking for products that deliver mental energy, focus, and attention to help them excel. Neubria Zone is a first-of-its-kind gaming supplement to help support vision and maintain alertness. The nootropic formula with a blend of essential vitamins and minerals is designed to give gamers an edge when it comes to playing at their best more often and for longer periods.

Image of the Healthy Gamer logo


What started with a casual Reddit AMA then turned into a modest Twitch stream has now become a movement towards modern mental health support made for and by gamers. Creators and industry veterans soon joined in a fundraiser to kickstart Healthy Gamer Coaching, a peer support program designed to support the needs of people suffering from video game addiction. After a successful pilot, Healthy Gamer added more coaches and began streaming educational mental health content live on Twitch with guests talking about mental health: the good, the hard, and the memes.