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Welcome back to our weekly roundup! In today's fast-paced culture, Cassandra is your go-to source for staying in the loop with the topics that have everyone buzzing. This week, amongst breathing a thankful sigh of relief that a 9-year-old who was abducted from a New York State park was found safe, exciting news coming from the WNBA, and Las Vegas opening the doors to its $2.3B venue, the Sphere, our primary focus has been the continued chaos of the U.S government. To gain insights on the potential impact of this turmoil - and as we head into Election year, we reached out to Gen Zs in our Cassandra Collective for their perspectives. So, without further ado, let’s dig into the political dysfunction making this week's most viral news!


This week marked a historic moment in U.S. history as House Speaker Kevin McCarthy was voted out of his position, creating a new level of turmoil in Congress. McCarthy's removal, known as a "motion to vacate," was backed by several hard-right lawmakers who were increasingly unhappy with his cooperation with Democrats to prevent a government shutdown. The future direction of the House remains uncertain, and the possibility of a government shutdown still looms, causing concern among our Gen Z Collective. Malaysia (17) shared, “The most recent news I've heard is about the potential government shutdown. I recently heard about it through watching YouTube. And it came on my homepage. I pay attention to news that really affects me or my family. And I think anything regarding a shutdown affects everyone in the United States.”

— Morgan, 22, OH (Cassandra Collective)


    In the coming days, the House of Representatives will undertake the task of selecting a new speaker, temporarily delaying all other legislative matters. With Kevin McCarthy opting not to pursue another term as speaker, several House GOP leaders have stepped forward as candidates. To secure the speakership, candidates will need to secure either 218 votes or a majority of the lawmakers present. This process is expected to be lengthy, awkward, and difficult to watch, leading to a mental health preserving detachment among many Gen Z towards the current state of the U.S. Government. Ikram (20) states, "I feel indifferent about the current state. I feel like the government has almost become irrelevant." Meanwhile, Shae (25) shares, "I try not to get too worked up about things I can’t change. I participate in activities that can make a difference at the local level."

    — Jordan, 23, TN (Cassandra Collective)

      — Victor, 15, IL (Cassandra Collective)


        Americans have grown increasingly disheartened with the political gridlock and elected officials’ refusal to focus on finding solutions to truly important matters. In fact, the number of citizens saying they dislike both political parties is the highest it’s been in nearly three decades. These views and other negative sentiments are widely shared among younger Americans, as Cassandra uncovered in our Paradox of Gen Z Politics report earlier this year. Ari (16) believes it's one of the worst aspects of the current government, fostering partisanship and divisions while stifling third-party alternatives. Morgan expresses concern about the deep divide, fearing it could lead to a revolt or even violence among opposing groups.