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Our favorite day of the week has arrived and, like every other Friday, it brings our weekly recap of all things viral. Culture moves fast, so we at Cassandra keep our eyes and ears open to catch the most relevant topics young people can’t stop talking about online. Today, we will explore a faux-vegan donut disaster, the evolution of media portraying masculinity, and the upcoming possible ban of one of the most popular Gen Z apps—all this and more in this week’s edition of Viral News!


Recent buzz in the bakery aisle involves a local baker accused of swapping out regular Dunkin’ Donuts for her supposed homemade vegan and gluten-free pastries. The drama unfolded after owners of a Long Island vegan market suspected their supplier of delivering chain doughnuts instead of the promised goodies. John Stengel, co-owner of the Huntington vegan shop Cindysnacks, shared his concerns on Instagram, highlighting the similarity between the delivered products and Dunkin’ signature “D” shaped sprinkles. Cindysnacks has owned up to the situation, expressing regret for unintentionally distributing potentially mislabeled products, stressing the importance of food authenticity and earning consumer trust in the local bakery scene. Needless to say that vegan TikTok is SHOCKED


Now let’s jump into some wholesome content. This week a teary-eyed Jason Kelce announced to the world his retirement and showed everyone that crying is as manly as playing football. He gave a heartfelt speech remembering his career and everyone that was a part of his professional journey in the 13 seasons played. His brother, Travis Kelce, was there in the first row supporting Jason and getting as emotional as him with every word. Later, they took it to their shared podcast New Heights to comment on the retirement more in depth and both shared another touching and sincere moment of remembrance and gratitude contributing to the destigmatization of vulnerability in men. As we explored in our latest Cassandra Report which focused on gender - Breaking The Rules - every day masculinity is becoming more complex and —we swear we are not doing it on purpose— swift.


A bill gaining steam in the House could become the worst nightmare of TikTok fans in the U.S., with concerns around the clock app's potential for surveillance and foreign manipulation. Backed by House Speaker Mike Johnson, the bill passed unanimously by bipartisan vote. The legislation aims to force ByteDance Ltd., TikTok's Beijing-based owner, to divest its American operations within 180 days or face a ban. Worries about data sharing with the Chinese government and the spread of misinformation have fueled those that support the bill. However, TikTok fiercely opposes it, arguing it's an undercover ban that is threatening free speech. The app's users have mobilized, prompted by a call to action coming directly from the app, and bombarded lawmakers with calls, which might have backfired by raising concerns about intimidation tactics. The House will vote next week and determine the future of one of the most popular apps for Gen Z. Let’s wait and see!