Unlikely fashion collabs— innovation or clickbait?

Over the past few years, collaborations between brands have given the fashion world a new focus, and it’s now fairly prevalent to see two very different brands coupling up and working together to get their fans buzzing. However, as unexpected as these collaborations might be, will the attention from these unlikely pairings have consumers reaching for their digital wallets? Ahead are three unlikely collabs that we’re eager to watch.

Image of Nike x Tiffany shoe collaboration over a teal blue background


If you want a sneaker to be the most luxurious, the most designer, and a sure-fire collector's item, look no further than Nike’s latest collab with Tiffany & Co. Set to drop March 7th. The Nike x Tiffany Air Force 1 1837, featuring a robin’s-egg blue swoosh, will retail for $400 and will also include limited-edition sterling silver shoe accessories, including a shoe horn and shoe brush. Blurring the line between luxury and streetwear, the Nike partnership set press and social media alight, given that it’s Tiffany’s first collaboration with a mass market brand that will allow the company to engage with a broader swath of young consumers. However, some sneakerheads have been left feeling disappointed suggesting the design was lazy and lacked significant branding.

Text quote “I like bags, shoes, and socks for collabs.”

Victoria, 24, GA (Cassandra Collective)

Image of the Oreo x BLACKPINK collaboration packaging


Over in Asia, OREO cookie has teamed up with K-Pop sensation BLACKPINK to co-create a bespoke range of limited-edition cookies. Launching via the #OREOBLACKPINK campaign, which has over 261M views on TikTok, the collection will feature Oreo x BLACKPINK packaging with two exclusive versions of “Black” Oreos with strawberry filling and “Pink” Oreos with dark chocolate filling. Inside each limited-edition packet, BLINKs will find 10 collectible photo cards. Access to eight personalized AI-powered video messages, one from each member, and mobile wallpaper downloads are also available at the dedicated Oreo BLACKPINK website.

Image of Zara x Clarks collaborative shoes


Global fashion retailer Zara has collaborated with British heritage footwear brand Clarks on a collection that sees the Clarks iconic Wallabees and Desert boots updated with trendy chunky soles, vibrant shades, and a leather cow hair finish to top it off. The collection has 15 styles for women, men, and children - so there's a pair for everyone!