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It's Friday again, so it's time for our weekly recap of viral news. Culture moves fast, and we at Cassandra try to move even faster to keep up with all the topics creating conversations in the online world of Gen Z, tracking tomorrow's relevant people, events, brands, and news. This week, we’ve seen a game-changing tech development from Gen Zs favorite brand, an author-led AI. expansion that could turn #booktok and the literary world on its head, and a beauty launch that literally no one saw coming - all this and more in today's edition of viral news.

Image of a close up of a woman's face against a blue background. She is wearing blue eyeshadow and is closing her eyes.


In perhaps one of the most surprising PR stunts and collabs of its time (and one we most definitely didn’t see coming), beauty editors have revealed the rumblings of a potential partnership between famed frenemies Selena Gomez, Hailey Bieber, and Kylie Jenner with the launch of the RareRhode BrowKit - the ultimate eyebrow lamination kit in response to the fan-generated social drama surrounding Selena’s TikTok of her over laminating her eyebrows, and Hailey's and Kylie’s ‘dig’ response. On March 24, Hailey and Selena both took to Instagram to condemn the negativity directed toward each other, further creating speculation that a ceasefire to the feud had been met and that a product drop is imminent.

Image of the Nikeland logo with a 3D illustration of a character with a purple basketball head and white blobs on its body


Imagine walking onto an empty baseball diamond, turning on your headset, and suddenly being on the field with your favorite baseball team, complete with all the coaches, where everyone is focused on making you a better baseball player. Well, imagine no more as Nike has announced a new suite of fitness products set to shake up multiple industries with the introduction of Nike Air Lens - the new connected AR fitness gaming headset. In tandem with sensors embedded in all new Nike shoes, apparel, and sporting equipment, this new headset enables anyone to train like a professional athlete and experience what it’s like to play sports at the highest level. With support at launch from the world of football, baseball, and tennis, Nike says the new system will expand into more sports in 2024.

Text quote,  “If it's a viral trend, I'll go to social media and use the search button.”

— Derrick, 24, CA (Cassandra Collective)

    Image of Stephen King's logo in red over a gray background with the text, "+ A.I." below it


    The [ai-generated noun] fled across the desert, and the [ai-generated noun] followed.

    World-renowned and best-selling thriller author Stephen King announced this week that he is working on something that might be even more terrifying than his novels—an AI writer trained by his own writing. Taking to TikTok to announce the news, where over 873K followers congregate to follow his updates, he told fans of his new launch: “It’s unlikely I’ll live forever. I won’t have time to write all the ideas I have in my head. If my new AI writer, StephenKing.ai, doesn’t become self-aware, I’ll be churning out new novels long after the worms take their meal.”

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