Yay! It’s National Thrift Shop Day

At the start of the year, Cassandra launched our Values and Value: Consumer Confidence report, uncovering that a confluence of high inflation, concern about increasing climate crises, and the never-ceasing nostalgia-fueled love of vintage trends are sending even more Gen Z to the resale market, where 80% of Gen Z is buying secondhand goods with the bonus of contributing to a more prosperous, more sustainable future. And, with today being National Thrift Shop Day - dedicated to recognizing and appreciating the value and importance of thrift shops, we’re exploring some unique and diverse hidden treasures that support and embrace the thrifting culture and contribute to their local communities.


Turning friendship and their passion for noughties fashion into a business venture, Noughties Market CLT is the brainchild of the three Gen Z friends — Ella Vernile, Bella Hogan, and Mariela Ferreira — who each scour local thrift stores weekly, seeking out the hidden gems to bring to their customers, both online and at in-person pop-up markets. Community is a core part of Noughties Market, with Hogan describing the energy- “Our community is full of amazing people who love what we love. They love sustainability, they love fashion. They're meeting people that are like-minded, that they can form relationships with, and then they're also coming and finding really, really cool pieces for their wardrobe.”


In Singapore, Lucky Plaza is the place many local teens describe as a ‘thrifting heaven’ with affordable prices that range from as low as $2 for a single piece of clothing! Best known for Fleawhere and the Lucky Plaza Bazaar, additional thrift shops have been opening on different floors of the mall as thrifting becomes more popular among young consumers. All these thrift stores are piled with clothes, so be ready to roll up your sleeves and start digging before someone else snatches your vintage finds!

— Natalie, 23, NY (Cassandra Collective)


    A weekly outdoor market, Camden Passage has long been a mecca for stylish and thrifty Londoners. The market has won over local and visiting Gen Zs by offering up everything from super cool vintage clothing to vibrant and retro chic homewares. You’ll also find a few bric-a-brac stalls as well as some accessories and jewelry. Really, it’s everything a Gen Z could possibly want.