With current TV shows such as Extrapolations potentially foreshadowing how the effects of climate change will become embedded into our everyday lives, it’s never been a more critical time to invest, innovate, and fight for our planet. Gen Zs are especially concerned and are more vocally expressing those concerns. 4 in 10 Gen Zs strongly agree that too many brands talk about being environmentally friendly but don't back it up with tangible actions. Although there remains a gap in driving real, concrete change, 73% of Gen Zs have more admiration for companies and brands that have strong values and commitments toward the planet's long-term health. So, in honor of Earth Day (4/22), we’re looking at the organizations and Gen Z innovators bringing climate action to the masses daily!

Image of the Climate Cardinals logo


Founded by Iranian-American 18-year-old climate and environmental activist Sophia Kianni, the youth-led group Climate Cardinals works to translate environmental research into over 100 languages to make it more accessible to everyone around the world. Climate Cardinals reaches over 350,000 individuals in 41 countries, empowered by more than 8,000 youth volunteers who have helped translate over 500,000 words of climate change research and information.

Text quote, “I think it's super important that big companies put effort into fighting climate change.”

— Emily, 20, IN (Cassandra Collective)

    Image of LICPRIYA KANGUJAM holding a sign that says, "Heat Waves + Air Pollution = Climate Crisis. We Can't Breathe Act Now!"


    Licy, as she is known, is one of India’s most vocal climate activists and she’s just 11 years old! Licy the founder of The Licypriya Foundation, which aims to champion every child in the fight against climate change. With honors and accolades such as the 2019 World Children Peace Prize Laureate and the 2021 International Women’s Day Award Winner (on behalf of the Delhi Government), she has spoken at over 400 institutions and events in over 32 countries, most recently at COP27. She has helped push for the establishment of pollution-curbing laws and mandatory climate change curricula in schools in India.

    Text quote, “Sustainability plays a role in my life every day. In my routine, I try to do my best and do things to save water and energy and spend less money on cleaning supplies and groceries.”

    — Janelle, 23, NV (Cassandra Collective)

      Image of the Voyagers logo


      Voyagers is a youth-led platform and community that is working to amplify businesses that are making real efforts in sustainability. Their staff of seven high school and college students, aided by an advisory board of adults from the business world, including Desta Raines, Director of Sustainability at Sephora, has worked with brands like IKEA, Clif Bar & Company, and Procter & Gamble. Not only does Voyagers consult with businesses, but the group also hosts events and campaigns promoting awareness about the climate crisis. They also work informing a positive GenZ community through Slack which works together to fight for sustainability.

      For more insights on Gen Zs concerns about the environment regarding the planet's long-term health, check out our Earth Day infographic HERE.