Trending Pet Health Accessories

The global pet care market is expected to reach $236B by 2030. Increased demand for pet services and products is driven, in part, by the work-from-home culture continuing to encourage pet parents to take better care of their pets. While pet medication currently makes up the largest share of the pet health market, natural health products are a fast-growing subcategory in the space. So, in honor of today’s National Pet Day, go hug your hamster, bond with your bunny, and snuggle with your Shih Tzu as we look at a few of the top trending pet health accessories causing the pet care industry to boom.

Image of a German Shepard dog wearing a smart collar by Fi


It's our duty to keep our pets happy, healthy, and safe. And although regular trips to the vet and some good old-fashioned TLC do wonders, technology can also play a pivotal role. Designed to track a dog's location, heart activity, and sleep, among other things, biometric dog collars are having a moment due to providing a 360-degree view of health and informing owners when these indicators change. Providing health stats that show how much running and walking your dog is doing, and the calories they are burning, these collars are essentially Fitbit trackers for dogs.

Text quote, “Sometimes I buy fancy/cool products for my pets when I want to give them a treat day.”

— Gwen, 19, NC (Cassandra Collective)

    Image of a Dachshund in the anti anxiety bed Top Paw® Orthopedic Cuddler Striped Dog Bed


    Just like us, animals can experience symptoms of anxiety brought on by life experiences or trauma, loud noises, or sudden changes. Whatever the source of your beloved pet's stress, there’s a way to help them. With the global pet furniture market size expected to reach $3B by 2025, enter the anti-anxiety pet bed. By placing it on the floor, your pet will feel more relaxed and at ease because he knows his bed will always be within reach. Some dog-calming beds are enclosed, while others are open to allow for unrestricted access.

    Text quote, “Our lives revolve around our pets, and they make us feel happy when we're down.”

    — Danita, 21, PA (Cassandra Collective)

      Image of a black Labrador puppy drinking form a Dog Mate Large Fresh Water Plastic Dog & Cat Fountain


      Pet fountains are essentially drinking fountains for pets. However, unlike a traditional water bowl, these pet fountains make water continually flow using high-tech tricks that effectively monitor the drinking habits of pets. Pet parents and vets are able to use this data to predict and prevent dehydration-related issues.

      Text quote, “My relationship with my pets is effortless because it is unconditional love.”

      — Ada, 29, FL (Cassandra Collective)