Turbocharged tools for bookworms

Have you ever wanted to read faster and understand deeper without investing too much time or training?

Bionic reading could be the solution for you. This speed reading technique combines biology and technology, and unlike other methods, bionic reading is designed to be just as natural as regular reading. While there is limited evidence to prove its effectiveness, many users, especially on TikTok and those with dyslexia and ADHD, have reported success in absorbing more information faster. Various bionic reading tools are available, and ahead we are exploring some top trending examples.


Claimed to be the original, Bionic Reading is a free app and web browser extension where users can type text directly into the provided space. Doing this will convert text from the regular format to the enhanced format for reading. Alternatively, users can upload files or enter a web address while the app converts them into the bionic format. The paragraphs, font size, and spacing all stay the same.

— Adam, 18. MA (Cassandra Collective)


    Unlike most speed reading apps, Spreeder has features that enhance the bionic reading experience. Professional experts are on hand to provide the necessary guides and training courses to navigate the technology and help users practice speed reading, train and control eye movement, and eliminate bad reading habits like subvocalization and regression. Additionally, users can set the number of words and lines they want to read at a time.

    — Janelle, 23, NV (Cassandra Collective)


    Like Bionic Reading, Bionify highlights the first letters or syllables of every word, depending on the length of the word. Doing this helps you focus on the bolded parts of the word while your brain fills in the gaps as you read. The Chrome extension converts any public website into a Bionified format, but currently, it doesn't support locally uploaded content, such as PDFs.

    It is strictly for web pages and does not alter the page's layout or any other features on the page.