African American Gen Zs Making History

In honor of Black History Month, and with this year's theme focused on Black Resistance exploring how African Americans have resisted historical and ongoing oppression from America’s earliest days until now, we’re taking a moment to acknowledge the role of young Black people in our society and culture, highlighting a few bold content creators who as Cassandra identified within our Future of Education Report, continue to provide resources to elevate their communities, and that go above and beyond outside of this important month-long observance.

“As a country, we should all celebrate together and show appreciation to our black and African American community.”
Mesi, 17, TX (Cassandra Collective)

    Screenshot of Dara Starr Tucker's TikTok bio


    Dara Starr Tucker is making her mark in the world of entertainment and activism as a singer, satirist and social commentator. Through her podcast, I’m All Over the Place, and The Breakdown on TikTok, where she has amassed over 68.2M likes, Dara explores the ways in which black artists strive to make their voices heard in the world of entertainment at large with a focus on examining the deep musical roots that led to the development of many enduring music genres.

    Screenshot of Kahlil Greene's TikTok bio


    Kahlil Greene is a self-professed "Gen Z Historian" who reveals the reality behind some of history's lesser-known or misunderstood moments, with a focus on exploring the contributions made by Black Americans. He's built a devout fanbase of more than 587K TikTok followers, and is part of a new class of social media educators using their platforms to question what they’ve previously been taught.

    Screenshot of Taylor Cassidy's TikTok bio


    Taylor Cassidy is a 19-year-old content creator who uses their platform of 2.2 million followers to advocate for and celebrate inclusion and representation. Taylor rose to fame thanks to their YouTube series, “Black Girl Magic Minute,” and TikTok feed, "Fast Black History," where they take important moments, facts, and figures from Black History condensed into educational and entertaining TikToks. They aim to humanize many of the prominent Black leaders and changemakers of the past to inspire and remind the younger generation that "...they were just like us.”