Gen Alpa celebrates Children’s Book Day.

With book bans and restrictions at schools and libraries on the rise at alarming rates across the country, authors from Judy Blume to Juno Dawson –and one federal judge in Texas– are speaking up and pushing back against these bans just in time for International Children’s Book Day (ICBD) (April 2nd). Yesterday’s worldwide celebration helps to promote literacy and remind families and Gen Alpha of the importance of developing a love of reading (along with helping to cancel out screen time). Ahead, we open the page on how Alpha bookworms are finding ways to add to their growing book collections.

Text quote, “My daughter and I are working our way through the Percy Jackson books. First we read the book and then watch the movie on movie night. It’s a great way for us to experience these stories together since I’ve never read them.”

— Yael, NY, Mom of 2 Gen Alphas (Cassandra Collective)

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    By Kids For Kids Story Time is a podcast that brings books alive, immersing listeners in children's stories with music, sound effects, and a full cast of talented children, creating a theater for stimulating kids' imagination. The podcast consists of audio dramatizations of classic children's fairy tales, folk tales, myths, and more, performed by kids across the globe.

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    Bringing kid's books to life with humor and energy, KidTime, StoryTime, has the biggest online library of over 800 books, funny puppets, spontaneous singing & bilingual books to make reading books exciting. Teachers, families, and kids are encouraged to read along as StoryTeller reads aloud stories for kids that are funny, inspiring, educational & magical.

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    Serving over 4.2M children across the country and endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), Reach Out and Read is a national nonprofit that champions the positive effects of reading daily and engaging in other language-rich activities with young children to promote healthy brain development, further language acquisition, and helps families build meaningful bonds.