Siblings share their stories

Siblings, at times, are our best friends and sometimes, they can be our worst enemies. In honor of celebrating the bond between siblings, every year, April 10 is celebrated as Siblings Day in parts of the world. In the United States 'National Siblings Day' is recognized by 49 states but has not yet been declared a federal holiday. However, awareness of this occasion is growing, especially through social media, where many, including celebs, take to TikTok and Insta to acknowledge their sibs or those considered to be just like a sibling. Ahead we take a look at those that exhibit and help foster that special bond.

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The Kardashians and D’Amelio siblings might be the most well-known out of the bunch, but there’s clearly something special about sibs teaming up to entertain, inform, and engage on social media. Among the most popular creators today, several siblings have become hugely influential by picking up a fan base individually and then combining forces. For instance, Twins Hayley and Hanna Cavinder, who both play on the women’s basketball team at University of Miami, have risen on the TikTok charts over the last few months, gaining 4.5M followers leading up to their team making it to March Madness. As kids, sisters Shay, Juls, and Rory spent their free time drawing comics at their dining room table. In May 2020, they created a joint TikTok account called “Sisters Keep Drawinggg” to share their favorite illustrated quotes and art challenges which has amassed over 524K followers. Adding to the sibs list, Gen Z sister content creators Makeala "Mak" and Mattea Ingemi have garnered over 7.8M TikTok followers that turn to them for humor, LGBTQ+ advice, and perspective about dating, working, and living in the modern world.

Text quote, “I’ve always been very close with my twin siblings, and I hope I always will be, and I love my younger siblings too.”

— Ari, 16, CO (Cassandra Collective)

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    The Siblings Day Foundation is a non-profit organization founded to recognize, honor, and celebrate the special bond between siblings. The goal of the Siblings Day Foundation (SDF) has been to establish a National Day of Recognition, as well as seek to unite and reunite siblings who may have been separated by distance, by circumstance, by birth and adoption, or interpersonal familial issues.

    Text quote, “My most important relationship is with my sister and brother.”

    — Isa, 19, NY (Cassandra Collective)

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    As a surviving sibling, host Maya Roffler shares her journey about losing her brother and offers a healing platform to other surviving siblings. This podcast is for anyone who may have lost a sibling or anyone wanting to understand and support someone who has, with episodes and guests touching on elements of bereavement, shifting family dynamics, and finding ways to survive and thrive in the memories, while giving hope and validation that no one is alone.

    Text quote, “The important relationships that I have that are effortless to have are with myself and my sister.”

    — Joshua, 18, OH (Cassandra Collective)