Celebrating 4:20 tomorrow is always a buzz. And it comes as no surprise considering Cassandra shared in the Seeing Green report that 4 in 5 Gen Z agree that society is more accepting of cannabis these days. As cannabis becomes more and more socially acceptable, the industry and weed culture continues to evolve. With everything from brands sponsoring 4:20 events to funding cannabis research, to taking dispensaries on the road where your friendly local budtender will be happy to recommend and address all your cannabis product questions and concerns. Ahead are three examples that are setting the bar high within this ever-growing industry.

Text quote, “I think that a lot of people use cannabis to aid in their mental health.”

— Melissa, 23, FL (Cassandra Collective)

Image of a girl looking at cannabis lotions at an outdoor farmer's market


Does your farmers’ market offer CBD creams, lotions, tinctures, and soaps? As today’s marketplace demand for hemp-derived products grows, farmers' markets nationwide are receiving applications from vendors offering such products. In fact, a new monthly farmers’ market recently launched in San Francisco that is entirely dedicated to cannabis. Instead of buying fruits and vegetables, customers can learn about and buy dozens of different cannabis strains directly from the farmers who grow them.

Text quote, “If I were in charge of designing a cannabis company, I would make weed an OK everyday thing.”

— Anrae, 22, VA (Cassandra Collective)

    Image of a map and list of states that allow cannabis lounges


    Only ten states currently allow cannabis lounges - a place for people to use cannabis legally in public. In most states allowing them, although the consumption lounges can’t sell marijuana on site, they welcome patrons to bring their own cannabis or happily assist in pre-ordering. For instance, in Michigan, Hot Box Social, the first lounge in the state, and newly opened Kalkushka offer two distinctly different vibes, but both with the intention of broadening the concept of weed culture. Also available to host private events like birthday parties or industry meetings, these lounges offer an alternative to the standard alcohol bar with a one-of-a-kind experience for everyone looking to engage within the cannabis community.

    Text quote, “I think the average weed smoker looks like a 16-year-old white kid trying to rebel from his parents, The stressed out no longer a kid 24-year-old who is struggling with mental health and being an actual adult, I think it looks like a 55-year-old grandmother who is taking care of her parents as well as her children and now grandchildren. The average weed smoker is everyone.”

    — Anrae, 22, VA (Cassandra Collective)

      Image of The CannaBus coming out from the right corner of the screen


      Weed trucks are rolling out across America, and these ice cream-like trucks have been spotted in weed-friendly cities and neighborhoods across the U.S., and they’re getting a lot of attention. Some are subtle, infusing THC or CBD into familiar treats. Others, like Manhattan’s Uncle Bud and Weed World are taking a bolder approach and have been met with resistance from some neighborhood locals. However, over in Texas, the roving cannabis dispensary The CannaBus hit the road late last year with its"Ride For Your Rights" tour, on a mission to energize medical cannabis supporters in the state and educate Texans interested in getting their medical cannabis prescription.