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The first Friday of the month is here to remind us all that it's time to talk about the most relevant internet news in the past seven days. Culture moves fast, and we at Cassandra try to move even faster to keep up with all the relevant issues Gen Z can't stop discussing. In this edition, we'll tackle the viral TikTok trend for College Decision Day, the interesting conversation about the future of entertainment, and the highs and lows of this year's Met Gala—all this and more in this week's recap of Viral News.

Image of golden balloon letters that spell out, "Bed Parties"


What started as a placeholder celebration for seniors stuck at home at the start of the pandemic has now become a tradition and —as tends to happen with trends around joyous celebrations — it's growing exponentially. The idea is to celebrate Decision Day (May 1st), the day college bound seniors officially declare their commitment to a university, by decorating their bedroom with swag and memorabilia of the particular college and creating an over-the-top display of school pride. This alternative to in-person celebrations has become bigger every year, with some parents spending up to $3,000 on paraphernalia. TikTok is completely flooded with #BedParty videos getting 9 million views, including this one from a soon-to-be UCLA Bruin which has reached almost 2 million views.

Image of an illustrated fist holding a fountain ink pen, with the text, "Writer's Guild On Strike"


As highlighted earlier this year in our Great Re-port on Work, Gen Z is a generation that strongly supports the labor movement. So, it's no surprise to see them having conversations in reaction to the WGA's (Writer's Guild of America) strike that started this week. The unsuccessful negotiations between the Guild and the AMPTP (Alliance for Motion Picture and Television Producers) revolved around fair wages for in-between periods of development, streaming royalties, and the very controversial use of Artificial Intelligence for script writing. The tag #WritersStrike with 17 million views on TikTok, gathers videos explaining, updating, and examining all these topics and the impact this strike will have on everyone's favorite shows. Although many are grieving the unfortunate situation, the support for writers —and their creative signs— is palpable.

Image of a celebrity wearing a pink gown on a red carpet, with paparazzi taking photos of her


The biggest and weirdest fashion event of the year happened this week, and the 3.8 billion views in the #MetGala2023 tag prove that it's still one of the few genuinely relevant celebrity-centric events for Gen Zs across the world. This year's theme was Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty, and while some challenged the celebration of the very controversial figure, most of the night's online content focused on the sometimes beautiful, sometimes bizarre —so many cats— outfits the selected group of attendees wore. Some users decided to share their thoughts on fashion by rating the best looks of the event, others enjoyed the exclusive BTS and afterparty content, and some are still laughing at the unexpected guest attending the most prestigious night in fashion: a cockroach.