Gen Zs tasty dining trends

Recent findings from The Cassandra Report® show that over half of all Gen Zs say they like to experiment with- and try - new food. The eating patterns of young people have been shifting for years, with on-the-go lifestyles driving convenient snacks rather than three sit-down meals a day as the norm. Let’s chow down on the latest feasting trends of Gen Z diners.


Young people today are fueling a snacking revival. The Wall Street Journal reports that Gen Zs eat about 10% more snacks daily than their older peers. For many, snacks have become entire meals, thanks to jam-packed schedules, the rise in video gaming, as well as food prices. This enthusiasm for snacking is also helping some brands change how they sell their products. For instance, cereals are now being sold as snack-packs while Nestlé uses the term "smeals" to refer to small meals (or sizable snacks) that fit modern consumption habits.

— Asmitha, 22, OH (Cassandra Collective)


Picnics are also experiencing a resurgence, thanks to a boost from Gen Zs, who are choosing picnic dates over restaurants and movie nights. According to reports, al fresco dining has exploded on social media. On Pinterest alone, searches for picnic date ideas have grown by 385% since last year. Looking up a picnic on TikTok and Instagram brings up videos garnering billions of views showcasing a modern take on the gingham-printed picnics - upgraded with idyllic images of friends enjoying wine and charcuterie boards. Thanks to the uptick of luxury picnic companies such as Pretty Picnics and Fancy Little Picnics, they are helping to provide a personalized outdoor culinary experience.

— Rebecca, 23, MN (Cassandra Collective)


Gen Z creators on TikTok are swapping out their luxury unboxing videos for smoothies and sandwiches — and followers are eating it up. According to Vogue, luxury food hauls are now in fashion. High-end food halls such as LAs hottest hangout- Erewhon – are becoming more approachable for Gen Zs as celebrities and influencers promote their must-try smoothies (which will set you back a cool $25) or taste test the acclaimed Joe and The Juice Tunacado sandwich, which amassed over 183M views across the platform.