Products that will continue to trend into next season

There’s a lot to reminisce about when summer ends: beach days, picnics, peaches, sunshine — and also that bright, dewy glow we’ve been rocking. Unfortunately, once the weather turns cooler, it becomes harder to maintain luminous skin. Luckily, there are a few ways to help keep that much-coveted summer glow year-round, and Gen Z are into it! So, as we prepare for Fall, keep scrolling as we look at the latest beauty products that promise to revolutionize skincare.


Stick with us on this one: Snail mucin has been a K-beauty skincare staple for quite some time now and has begun monopolizing beautytokkers and dermatologists' feeds, who all sing the praises of this slimy, slightly sticky yet surprisingly effective hydrator that holds regenerative properties. Snail mucin is now slowly sliding (yes, pun intended) into skincare products everywhere. One such brand is leading the market: CosRx’s snail mucin essence- because it’s gentle and well-tolerated, and nearly anyone can try it - except perhaps vegans.

— Faith, 18, CA (Cassandra Collective)


    Instead of rushing out for a tube of the classic apricot kernel facial exfoliator, beauty has thankfully evolved to provide a much more gentle option to get that perfect, glass-like complexion. #beautytok has identified one brand’s product and is touting it as the holy grail of pore perfection. As a result, Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting Exfoliant has gone so viral that one bottle is being sold every 12 seconds.

    — Judy, 18, NY (Cassandra Collective)


      Whether you've noticed it on social media or browsing around Sephora, you've probably noticed that spray-on skincare is showing up everywhere, where almost every product you can imagine is now available in mist form. One such spray that is fast becoming a ride-or-die product for Gen Z, having amassed over 18.2M views on TikTok is Tower 28’s SOS Daily Rescue Facial Spray. It's dermatologist-tested, suitable for sensitive skin, and contains hypochlorous acid for disinfecting and bacteria-fighting benefits without harming skin cells.