The power of positive thinking

Some people may know it as "the power of positive thinking." However, today's Gen Zs embrace the concept as "manifestation". With over 43B TikTok views to prove it, Gen Zs are sharing the process of envisioning and positively affirming a desired outcome − whether that's a new relationship, a promotion, or inner peace. The idea is that mental exercise can help people formulate and achieve their goals. In fact, reports suggest that nothing proves we can accomplish anything we put our minds to more than manifestation. So what are some of these methods, and how can they help us achieve our desired life? Ahead, let's take a look at some of the techniques.


The 3, 6, 9 Manifestation Method is a technique that can help set and achieve goals through positive thinking and visualization. First, identify three specific goals. Then, spend six minutes each day visualizing these goals coming true, picturing success and feeling happy. Lastly, for nine days straight, repeat this process, focusing on the goal with unwavering belief and positivity. The more it's done the more our mindset strengthens, making success feel within reach. Further, the trio of numbers is also associated with good luck, particularly through upward growth, positive opportunities, and personal empowerment and fulfillment.

— Natasha 23 MA, (Cassandra Collective)


    The #PillowMethod manifestation technique has been popular on the spiritual corners of TikTok for quite some time garnering over 55M views and counting. In fact, wellness creators, including @valeriafune have even gone viral, amassing over 5.9M views to date by explaining that for it to work, your body and mind must be “relaxed.” So, how do you practice the pillow manifestation method? Write an affirmation on a piece of paper and place that paper under your pillow for several days. Let that affirmation be the last thing you think about as you fall asleep. Let go and allow the Universe to deliver your manifestation in your physical experience.

    — Tom, 22, AR (Cassandra Collective)


      Given that the “whisper method” hashtag has well over 238M views on TikTok, plenty of people are clearly hoping that this method will bring them specific things that involve another person, whether it's a text back, job promotion, apology or whatever else that their yearning for. You basically imagine yourself whispering into the ear of another person what you want them to do while using the method. Instructions on TikTok say that the key to apparently making this method work is to be clear about what you want and to have faith that the Universe will help you to achieve it.