Shining a spotlight on those raising awareness about ADHD

Reports suggest that 1 in 10 U.S. children ages 3 to 17 years old have ever been diagnosed with ADHD. With October dedicated to ADHD Awareness Month - which aims to raise awareness and understanding about Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and seeks to provide information, support, and resources, there is no better way to honor the month than by becoming more aware of the characteristics of people with this condition and what we can all do to increase our understanding and promote kindness. Ahead we spotlight the products, people, and organizations on a mission to redefine societal perceptions.


ADHD awareness is growing, and some say that this increased awareness has incentivized people to seek ADHD-specific products. For instance, we often hear that young people with ADHD just can’t sit for an extended period, and one of the strategies that show promising results in helping to improve performance, attention, and in-seat behavior is alternative seating,more commonly known as wobble chairs. For those that need assistance structuring and prioritizing tasks, local businesses such as Imperfect Inspiration in Iowa have created specialized planners optimized for various uses that carry habit and goal trackers, reward charts, sensory kits, pins, stickers, and other items.

— Dionysus, 15, OK (Cassandra Collective)


    On TikTok, videos tagged with 'ADHD' have garnered more than 31.7B views, where the need to feel connected to others who share similar experiences has helped to give rise to ADHD social media influencers. Content creators such as 20-year-old Olivia Lutfallah, whose posts typically describe what it’s actually like to live with ADHD since the age of seven, connects with her more than 324K followers thanks to her videos that explore topics from the paralysis that can overtake her when faced with tasks, to how cleaning puts her in “hyper fixation mode,” to common myths around ADHD. Then there’s Jessica McCabe, host of the popular How to ADHD channel with over 96.2K followers, offering lively banter and tips on the latest tools, strategies, and resources. Dani Donovan is another popular voice amongst her close to 600K followers, candidly sharing her struggles with time management.

    — Joshua, 18, OH (Cassandra Collective)


      During ADHD Awareness Month, and of course all year round, organizations, advocacy groups, and healthcare professionals work to dispel misconceptions about ADHD and promote accurate information about its symptoms, diagnosis, and management. One such organization is the non-profit Understood, supporting 70M people in the U.S., and focused on raising awareness of the challenges, skills, and strengths of people who learn and think differently. Their resources help people navigate challenges, gain confidence, and find support and community so they can thrive.