Influencer Marketing Pulse

Whether a #gamefluencer, #grandfluencer, #Kidfluencer, or Bama Rush star, these Influencers and Content Creators have become the real deal in shaping how young people think about products, trends, media, and lifestyles. The business of influencing is much more sophisticated than many acknowledge. Just like any other brand, influencers must create a unique and consistent identity in order to foster loyalty and trust. At the same time, they must always be innovating and evolving their content to stay fresh and adapt to audience preferences. There’s so much involved in being a successful influencer that Gen Zs can now get a college degree in it! Ahead, we spotlight three brands supporting influencers.


Launched earlier this month by former TikTok employee Ayomi Samaraweera, Canopy is a novel peer-to-peer social networking app designed for content creators with follower counts ranging from 1,000 to 100,000. It offers a platform to connect, share information, engage in candid conversations, and simply “spill the tea”. Anonymity is a key feature, creating a judgment-free space for industry discussions and inquiries. Users only share their location and content type. Canopy further offers the option to join specialized "Branches,” or groups focused on various topics, such as brand partnerships, pay transparency, industry updates, mental well-being, events, monetization strategies, platform algorithms, talent agencies, and more.

— Ari, 16, CO (Cassandra Collective)


    In its dedication to fostering the UAE's next generation of entrepreneurs and connecting the realms of creativity and commerce, Visa introduced the 'GetP@id' initiative last month, designed to empower Gen Z creators and influencers, helping them transform their passions into profitable and sustainable careers. The core objective of the 'GetP@id' initiative is to build a collaborative ecosystem that facilitates knowledge transfer from established creators to emerging talents, ultimately nurturing their success in their respective fields. As part of this undertaking, Visa will closely collaborate with established creators, guiding and supporting emerging talent with the essential tools and tips required to convert content creation into a thriving profession.

    — Breanna, 16, NJ (Cassandra Collective)


    With the backing of Robert Downey Jr., Pocket.watch looks to play a crucial safety role in bringing content from today's most beloved kids and family creators to premium streaming platforms worldwide. Additionally, Pocket.watch creates original shows featuring their content creators. For top-tier talent, this journey extends to consumer products like toys, pajamas, bedding, and even toothpaste. Their portfolio includes over 40 creator partners, featuring some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Ryan's World, Toys and Colors, Onyx Family, Dan Rhodes, and Kids Diana Show. This collaborative effort has transformed YouTube Kids stars into billion-dollar franchises.

    For more on Influencers, such as 66% of U.S. Gen Z and 76% of U.S. Trendsetters have been motivated to make purchases after seeing someone else's social media post about a product, check out Cassandra’s latest report, Consider Me Influenced, available to members.