Old-money chic has displaced opulence.

If you’re a fashion lover, your TikTok FYP has likely served up an array of videos about the stealth-wealth fashion trend—also known as quiet luxury—that seems to be pretty much everywhere right now. The phrase implies the rejection of fashion’s logomania trend, and dopamine dressing, which has dominated the industry, and, simply put, is new-age minimalism, with a larger focus on investment pieces and thoughtful shopping habits.The discreet aesthetic of ‘quiet luxury’ has been neatly exemplified in the intersection of some much-discussed recent cultural moments: Who can forget Shiv’s wardrobe in Succession and Gwyneth Paltrow’s seemingly quiet courtroom wardrobe choices? With quiet luxury having a loud moment, ahead we look at how it’s cropping up in other corners of the conversation.

Image of a rich couple standing on a yacht on the ocean and holding champagne


The term ‘Old Money — and the lifestyle and status that comes with it — has been a fascination for decades. Although overwhelmingly class-conscious and exclusionary, over the past year, searches on the topic grew a whopping 568%. In fact, Gen Zs have been cultivating an old-money aesthetic over the past couple of years, rediscovering the preppy style and using it to influence everything from where they go out, how they spend their leisure time (anyone fancy a round of golf at the country club?) to how they decorate their homes as an aspirational expression of escape.

Text quote, “People seek luxury for a great state of comfort or elegance.”

— Cherie, 24, NY (Cassandra Collective)

    Text quote, “I think I'm moving towards more luxury when the item will last longer and have higher quality.”

    — Indigo, 24, OH (Cassandra Collective)


    As Cassandra reported in our recent Values and Value: Consumer Confidence report, 46% of Gen Z prefer luxury products, and although the old money aesthetic is aspirational, it’s ultimately not achievable for the average person - and that’s OK. However, thanks to its accessible price point and as a brand that has the seal of approval from the Gen Z fashion set, including Hailey Bieber, Kaia Gerber, and Nicola Peltz Beckham, Éterne is the newest player on the quiet luxury field championing high-quality, everyday essentials that over 897K followers on TikTok are currently whispering about.

    Text quote, “Luxury means expensive goods and an expensive lifestyle, and not everyone can afford it.”

    — Morgan, 28, CA (Cassandra Collective)

    Image of a married couple holding hands on their wedding day


    Back in April, nepo baby, Sofia Richie tied the knot, with her wedding sparking a loud cacophony around quiet luxury. The main takeaway from the thousands of social media posts dedicated to Richie’s wedding is how she’s supposedly nailed the “quiet luxury” and “old money” trends dubbing her ‘low-key luxe’ ‘rich classy.’ and ‘this generations Jackie O’.While Richie’s status as “old money” is as debatable as the “quietness” of her quiet luxury $4M wedding, that hasn’t stopped creators from making Richie the face of “how to marry rich” advice.

    For more on Gen Z and aesthetics, look out for Cassandra's ‘That's So Aesthetic’ Report, coming at the end of the month.