What Gen Z really thinks about Metaverse Beauty Week

Although March’s Metaverse Fashion Week received a lukewarm turnout, that hasn’t stopped other consumer goods from experimenting and potentially capitalizing on the reach that the Metaverse has promised. This week's Metaverse Beauty Week, hosted on immersive social platforms Decentraland, Roblox, and Spatial, is a first-of-its-kind event to showcase retailers and cosmetic brands through virtual experiences for beauty-loving techies. What do today’s young attendees (who, as our research shows, only 35% of Gen Z plan to use the metaverse in the next three months, and 100% of which had no idea where MBW was hosted) think about the event? We turned to our Cassandra Collective to find out.

Image of the Metaverse Beauty Week logo over a gradient background


In the run-up to MBW, lots of details were kept under wraps until the very last minute, which led to many, like Collective consultant Estrella (21), making assumptions as to what the week would entail “I would think of a virtual beauty week where you can virtually try on makeup in the metaverse.” Up until the day of launch, the official website didn't seem to hold many answers either, with Melissa (23) telling us, “I still don't feel like I understand what will be offered at this event. It seems like there will be products for sale, but I don't feel like I know for sure what's different about this event compared to ordinary online shopping.”

Image of an avatar generated in the Metaverse


Although there seemed to be a general lack of awareness and understanding of what this week-long event would entail, Collective members’ attitudes suggested room for growth in these types of events. Andrew told us “ The metaverse is a great way to host events without having to travel or spend huge amounts of money on clothing and housing.” Other Collective members found the idea of the event to be “interesting” and “cool” and Sharon (18) said, “It’s definitely something new and unique.”

Image of three generated avatars in the Metaverse.


With the event in full swing, MBW visitors’ are now able to traverse virtual, beauty-themed pop-up games and experiences, where brands, such as Neutrogena, are introducing a groundbreaking way to engage and approach skin care education. But cult favorites and luxury hard hitters are currently missing from the lineup. Only time will tell if the event gains traction with Gen Z and if this ability to showcase beauty products in the metaverse will likely prove a draw for brands. However, Collective members were quick to point out that to be successful with their cohort they would “[...] have some brands like Clinique, NYX, and Fenty beauty participate.”, “Put more advertising into this event.” And, as Ikram (20) suggests: “Include a lot of virtual beauty using AI (e.g., being able to see how a shade of lipgloss looks on you without trying it on, being able to see how a dark spot corrector could improve your skin).”

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