Wellness supplements get sticky

In late 2022, Cassandra’s Fresh Face Of Self Expression report uncovered how today's youth continue to push the concept of beauty and self-care forward, as 68% of Gen Zs are spending more time thinking about their overall wellness routine. Alternative new wellness spaces and practices are constantly emerging that meet contemporary lifestyle demands. One particular wellbeing product has catapulted in popularity not only for being discreet, quick, and convenient but because it’s super easy to use - patches are fast becoming a respected and popular addition to aid wellbeing, with users across TikTok lauding them for their benefits supporting sleep, concentration, and relaxation. Here we take a look at the latest brands entering the sticky space.

Image of different colored packets labelled, "Energy, Plz," "Relax, Plz," "Focus, Plz," etc. with two bottles labelled "Night Party" and "Day Party.


Gen Z CBD brand Fleur Marché created the Swiss Army Knife of wellness patches (hemp and botanical) to support focus, relaxation, energy, sleep, and more in a targeted manner. Said to be "cheaper than a massage, more enjoyable than an ice bath," these wellness patches support faster recovery after a strenuous workout, a fun night out, or everyday wear and tear.

Text quote, “It is important to me to have a wellness component  because it shows that brands care about me.”

— Seth, 16, PA (Cassandra Collective)

Image of The Good Patch logo with different colored packets labelled "Relax," "Dream," "Hot Flash," etc. over a light pink background.


The Good Patch's tagline of “When you feel good, you feel like you” is rooted in the brand’s mission to help make each day just a little bit easier. The patches are said to be an effective, go-to resource when you’re dealing with common ailments and include options like Think, Hemp Queen, and Nite Nite, allowing users to feel more energetic and delivering a sustained release of ingredients for up to 8-12 hours.

Image of an arm palm side up with a patch on the wrist portion and a black dotted circle icon around the patch. The arm is surrounded by different colored boxes labelled things like "Energy Patch," "Calm Patch," etc. over a light pink background.


According to The Patch Brand, vitamin supplements contain bad stuff your body doesn’t need, so it’s taking pills (and gummies) out of the equation and patching up the problem with vegan and gluten-free peel-and-stick vitamin patches designed to support your wellness routine, with ingredients including B vitamins, green tea, and Taurine helping to lower the risk of disease.