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On TikTok, the tag #aesthetic has over 246B views, filled with videos that go from #OOTD to compilations of clips and images that convey a specific vibe for young people to explore and delve into. In fact, Gen Zs are setting clear destinations in their stylistic voyages, as 61% agree that their favorite aesthetic changes often. The guidelines that define each of the aesthetics that Gen Z discovers become an opportunity. They’re using their aesthetic(s) to reflect the story they tell themselves about themselves.


In this month's That’s So Aesthetic report, available exclusively to members, Cassandra dives deep into the reframing of aesthetics from an idea to a metaphorical place that, instead of owning, young people visit. And they visit those aesthetics for the same reasons they might travel anywhere else– to escape, explore, and enjoy.
Here, we’re offering a sneak peek of the report by spotlighting three brands helping Gen Z to continue to prove that they are unapologetically themselves.


On the never-ending quest for inspiration, 1 in 2 Gen Zs turn to Pinterest as an influential source of discovery and enjoyment to share their aesthetics with the world. Along with its aesthetic collage-style video “mood boards that went viral last year, in a further effort to create more shoppable content for their young consumers, Pinterest recently inked a multiyear deal with Amazon to enhance the platform’s offering of relevant products and brands, to ultimately offer a more seamless buying experience and the chance to embrace the Gen Z explorer spirit.

— Samuel, 22, OH (Cassandra Collective)

— Grace, 15, NY (Cassandra Collective)


    Cassandra’s findings reveal that 59% of U.S Trendsetters cite movies as a key influence when it comes to considering their aesthetic, and MCUs recently released Spider-Man: Across The Spider Verse received thunderous applause for expanding the film’s aesthetic horizons. This time the multiverse adventure wasn’t limited to creating uniquely designed characters inhabiting a single universe but entire worlds based on the myriad comic book sagas that have reinterpreted Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s arachnid hero.

    — Izzy, 14, NJ (Cassandra Collective)


      Known for offering phone cases with unique designs, bold colors, and quirky graphics that appeal to young people’s individualistic spirit, Wildflower Cases has massed a fervent fanbase through their use of influencer collaborations, user-generated content, celebrity shoutouts from the likes of Miley Cyrus, Hillary Duff, and Kylie Jenner. They’ve also partnered with stores like Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and Free People that aim to reflect similar energy as Wildflower; being young, creative with your style, and living ~carefree~.