Breaking down the ‘everything shower’ trend

As uncovered in Cassandra’s The Fresh Face of Self-Expression report, 6 In 10 Gen Zs agree it is important to take care of themselves at home (e.g., home spa treatments). And while the concept of luxuriating in a bath is nothing new – Calgone first started offering to “take us away” back in the 1970s – Gen Zs have put their own spin on it with the ‘everything shower’. Essentially, we’re talking about extravagant ritualized shower routines with music, candles, oils, dry brushes, and lavender mists, which add to the experience of washing away one’s daily stressors in a literal and metaphoric sense. Here we break down the new self-care trend trickling into bathrooms far and wide.


In a nutshell, the newest grooming trend is the ‘everything shower’ representing the culmination of tried and tested self-care practices into a single, indulgent, extended wellness routine. This isn’t just about scrubbing yourself clean but rather an exercise in relaxation that could potentially usher in a calmer, more composed sense of personal well-being. The ritual is usually performed on a weekly basis.

— Eva, 23, PA (Cassandra Collective)


    The indulgent practice has gone viral on TikTok, with #EverythingShower amassing over 228M views, spurring people to take a reset to the mind, body, and spirit. In fact, licensed estheticians suggest that It’s about taking that extra bit of time to fully transform into the version of yourself you deserve to be. This means taking a thoughtful approach to your whole routine from head to toe.

    — Allie, 25, MA (Cassandra Collective)


      Not only does the everything shower entail taking an extremely warm, steamy shower for two to four hours, soaping up every nook and cranny while blasting some favorite tunes, but according to a tutorial posted by board-certified dermatologist Dr. Lindsey Zubritsky, there is a right and a wrong way to do the everything shower starting with your hair wash routine, exfoliating the skin before shaving, body washing, then double cleansing your face before applying a mask and then cleansing it again, and finally finishing with an indulgent moisturizer applied all over damp skin. The routine can be as comprehensive as you want with the addition of dry brushing, lip masks, foot scrubs, and nurturing oils.

      And while this may all sound a bit much – and not even remotely sustainable– the everything shower is yet another example of young people prioritizing their mental health above pretty much everything else.