Recognizing Relaxation Day

Dedicated to taking a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life and finding time to relax and unwind, today’s Relaxation Day serves as a gentle nudge to step back, pause, and find moments of calm and tranquility. With 78% of Global Gen Zs telling us that they consider their mental health extremely important, it’s no wonder that trends such as everything showers and bed rotting have become common with this cohort. Ahead we take a calming look at the latest products and techniques that are helping young people to press pause.


The growing trend of radical rest pushes back against toxic productivity in order to focus on self-care. On TikTok alone, the hashtags #DeepRest, #RadicalRest, and #RestIsRadical have more than 31M views collectively - a testament to a shared desire to tune out before burn out. At its core, most people agree that It’s an umbrella term that encapsulates our growing refusal to sell our souls in exchange for economic promises that don’t actually promise, as uncovered in Cassandra’s recent global Bringing Culture into Focus report, examples of this “radical” ideology include resisting societal expectations by not pursuing marriage, children, property, or excessive work hours.

— Joshua, 18, OH (Cassandra Collective)


    Cassandra has been tracking beverage-makers who turn to holistic ingredients that promote relaxation and stress relief for several years now. In fact, known as the opposite of energy drinks, the market for relaxation beverages is projected to reach $1.3B by 2030. Newcomers, such as Rhythm Relax and Vena’s The Happy Place continue to lean into hemp and CBD trends with a focus on promoting relaxation, joy, and according to the brands, support for subclinical anxiety needs.

    — Audrey, 22, CA (Cassandra Collective)


      In response to doom-scrolling on social media, the dominance of violent films and fast-paced binge-watching, a trend that embraces the alternative, has emerged since the pandemic, calling for calmness. Calmtainment can include content such as ASMR which continues to grow in popularity as well as the burgeoning slow TV trend, which has amassed over 32M views on TikTok. Slow TV features long, continuous shots of calming scenes, such as nature landscapes or everyday activities like train rides with the intention of soothing and guiding viewers towards inner peace.