Helping you have a Bootastic time this Halloween

Halloween is no longer just about ghosts and goblins; with Halloween spending predicted to reach $12.2B this year, Gen Z continues to elevate the holiday with the most coveted pop culture inspired costumes dripping with rizz, killer social media content, and haunted hashtags. It's also a creative playground where brands are scaring up innovative campaigns. So, join us on this eerie journey as we unearth what's lurking in the shadows and illuminate what's fueling this spending surge among Gen Z.


Each year, we’re mesmerized by what’s trending in entertainment, social media, and elsewhere to draw costume inspiration from, and with only a few days left to go, sure, you can dress up as the typical witch or traditional ghost — but why? Naturally, couples will take inspiration from Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, Timothée Chalamet and Kylie Jenner, and of course everything Barbie made it to the list this year. In addition to the fabulous pink ensembles, you'll discover costume inspiration from movies like M3GAN, Mario Bros, and The Little Mermaid, flaunting that mermaidcore aesthetic. And don't be startled if Tanya from The White Lotus, Daisy Jones, Wednesday Addams, or Carmy from The Bear make appearances, as TV show characters are certain to be popular crowd-pleasers at parties.

— Janelle, 23, NV (Cassandra Collective)

    — Julia, 23, BR (Cassandra Collective)


      NYX Professional Makeup unveiled a thrilling Halloween campaign introducing the new Halloween product collection that spotlights the iconic movie monsters from the "Universal Monsters" franchise, featuring Dracula, Frankenstein, and Wolf Man as its spine-tingling stars. The “Mon-Star Bash” campaign aims to introduce these classic characters to a new generation by partnering with renowned makeup artist Christine Choi, celebrated for her optical illusion makeup artistry, and up-and-coming Gen Z talent to star in the campaign. The program will also feature an interactive experience across the Metaverse where consumers can play Halloween-inspired games, dance with the Mon-stars, and win different UGC prizes weekly.

      — Gwen, 19, NC (Cassandra Collective)

      — Tommaso, 23, IT (Cassandra Collective)


        In recent weeks, Snapchat introduced a Halloween-themed content series titled "Phantom House," This immersive experience follows a group of Snap Stars creators as they embark on a thrilling journey to escape from a haunted house. As part of the adventure, viewers are invited to actively participate by collecting clues, assisting in puzzle-solving, and immersing themselves in the spooky atmosphere. Additionally, users can engage with specially designed Augmented Reality (AR) Lenses and the app's AI-driven Dreams selfies feature, which enables them to transport themselves into fantastical dreamscapes created with the help of artificial intelligence.