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In recent years, 52% of global Gen Zs have become MORE interested in social media influencers, and today, it’s clear that the influencer scene is not just a passing trend. It has evolved into three key influencer types, and each plays a different role in the lives of young people.

While one group has the ability to reach the masses with one post, thus helping with brand and product discovery, another group will have earned greater trust and can influence actual purchases, while yet another group is so perfectly aligned with and tuned in to its audience, they will help their followers find exactly the thing they didn’t even know they were looking for. These folks have cracked the code, using social media and content tools to build their communities tailored to specific passions and preferences of their audience, and it's vital for brands to understand how each influencer group resonates with audiences and how they can play a role in a brand’s social strategy.

In this month's Consider Me Influenced report, available exclusively to members, Cassandra is #unboxing just how today's young people have fallen under the influence of the influencer. So #GRWM as we offer a sneak peek of the report by spotlighting the influencers making “noise” - regardless of stature.


The #FOMO on the "mega" amplification of Cultural Influencers who boast well over 1M followers represents a sense of aspiration and undeniable trendsetting. Besides top-tier elite celebrity influencers such as Charli D’Amelio, Khaby Lame, and MrBeast, others such as Halley Kate, a NYC native, is making significant noise, having amassed 1M+ follower on TikTok and Instagram, thanks to her humor and love for PR and #fashionhauls. She also hosts the "Hot Girl Talks" podcast with friends, covering topics like dating, relationships, and NYC life. Wisdom Kaye, a 22-year-old content creator, gained fame on TikTok as the 'best-dressed guy.' He consistently shares creatively styled outfits based on different themes he came up with or suggested to him in the comments to his 9.2M followers.

— Grace, 15, NY (Cassandra Collective)


    Like a harmonious wavelength, mid-tier and macro influencers who have anything from 100k - 1M followers balance reach and trust, skillfully tuning into trends while leading product discovery. Fiona Frills, a 20-year-old content creator, excels in understanding her 210K followers, mainly focusing on beauty in her chatty and relatable videos. After years of discussing her skincare challenges, she launched Frilliance, a product line tailored for "Teen-Prone Skin." Becca, 23, known as @tourettesbian, uses her platform to educate others about Tourette's and share her experiences. Although she has never met anyone with Tourette’s in person, through TikTok, she’s been able to connect with over 763K followers who can relate to her anecdotes and videos.

    — Shae, 25, TX (Cassandra Collective)

    — Melissa, 23, FL (Cassandra Collective)


    Gen Zs bond with both micro and nano influencers who have less than 100K followers, is an intimate, authentic connection in the noisy realm of social media, offering a sense of belonging and ultimate trust. Those such as activist Anya Dillard (@iamajdillard), who at five, embarked on her first advocacy project, and now, fifteen years later, has been leading campaigns to raise awareness and funds among her 561 loyal followers, focusing on critical issues like the climate crisis, gun violence, and poverty, both in the U.S. and around the world. As a public speaker, 18-year-old Isabel Mavrides-Calderon (@powerfullyisa) draws from her experience as a person with a spinal injury to share her knowledge about disability rights and disability history. She addresses a whole host of critical topics, such as the Ugly Laws and invisible disability, to her 34.5K loyal followers.