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Fandom this year has most certainly gone into overdrive (thank you, Taylor Swift and Beyonce). Engaging with fandom aids in understanding the world, finding our Kenergy, and ultimately contributing to a sense of purpose that is ever more meaningful in today’s fraught climate.

Whether passing down, transferring up, or discovering together, fandom unites today’s Millennial parents and their Alpha kids. In this month's The Eras of Shared Fandom report, available exclusively to Cassandra membership clients, we dive into how fandoms have become a true family affair as 8 in 10 Millennial parents participate in fandoms with their child(ren) to fulfill needs for escapism, as well as to put them on a path to “cool parent” status. Here we share a few examples from our comprehensive report.

— Adrineh, 16, CA (Cassandra Collective)


    A significant Beatles event recently unfolded with the release of "Now and Then," the last "new" Beatles song, emerging 60 years after Beatlemania's dawn. Powered by AI, this release reunites all four original Beatles, sparking a resurgence among veteran and new Beatles fans, thanks to social media, fostering a unique intergenerational bond through the timeless appeal of The Beatles music. Conversely, amidst the complex world of fandoms, the release has also re-ignited discourse about John Lennon, and for many Gen Zs, in this case, nostalgia is not the lens they see through, as the exploration has led to the revelation and criticism of Lennon's transgressions.


    When it comes to Squishmallows, the plush toys known for their adorable faces, egg-shaped bodies, and charming stories, age knows no bounds. Originally designed as a delightful collectible for Gen Alphas, these plushies swiftly soared in popularity during the pandemic when parents turned to them for their soothing effect, providing comfort to children dealing with heightened anxiety. Consequently, Squishmallows have captured the hearts of individuals of all ages, especially Millennial parents and now Gen Z, who actively seek products that evoke nostalgia from their youth and offer solace in a world filled with chaos.

    — Victor, 17, IL (Cassandra Collective)


    The 2023 Barbie movie sparked a newfound love for Barbie among fans of all ages, redefining the iconic doll as a symbol of empowerment and societal critique and, as such, has ignited meaningful dialogues between parents and their children regarding various societal issues. Through creative storytelling, the film used the iconic Barbie doll to challenge conventional beauty standards and gender roles, advocating for a feminist perspective on female representation and empowerment. The movie's self-awareness and social commentary provide a platform for parents to initiate discussions with their children on these complex subjects, using the film as a catalyst. This renewed appreciation for Barbie serves as a common ground for shared enjoyment and conversation.