The sexual wellness market is heating up

When you think of "wellness," sexual health should be included as an essential aspect of self-care, just like everything showers and rejuvenating cold plunges. And, with 72% of U.S. Trendsetters frequently researching sexual health products before making a purchase and the global sexual wellness market projected to reach $110.3B by 2030, brands continue to reshape society's perception of sex and sexuality. As we commemorate Sexual Health Month this September, let's explore the new wave of sexual wellness brands revolutionizing the industry with contemporary, approachable, and inclusive pleasure products.


Established in 2021, My Girl Wellness is a wellness brand dedicated to offering natural solutions for common women's health concerns. Presently, the brand features two products in the realm of sexual wellness: the Panty Dropper and the Post-Play. These items are available as part of a bundle, including a serum and cleanup wipes designed to elevate intimate experiences.

— Alexandria, 20, FL (Cassandra Collective)


    Éva Goicochea, a former healthcare legislative aide and brand strategist, spearheaded the launch of Maude as one of the early pioneers to prioritize intimacy and inclusivity in the sexual wellness product landscape. Under the tagline "intimate care for all," Maude has expanded its offerings to encompass a diverse range of gender-neutral products. These include jojoba oil massage candles, mineral bath salt soaks, and all-natural arousal support gummies. Notably, these gender-inclusive products have achieved a significant milestone by becoming available at Sephora, signifying how mainstream the intimate care market is becoming.


    Playground, an emerging brand in the realm of sexual wellness, is on a mission to promote sexual well-being and intimate care products tailored for women. The brand recently enlisted Christina Aguilera, known for her bold expression of sexuality in music and voice, as its co-founder and chief brand advisor. Christina aims to empower women to embrace their sexual wellness fully, supporting Playground's mission to reshape the discourse on female sexuality and foster open conversations about sexual well-being.