Happy 2023! There is More to Cassandra than Meets the Eye!

On this, the first business day of the New Year, the Cassandra Daily has typically talked about new topics & trends, such as the colors of the year (check) or the trends that we are going to be watching in the year ahead (check), or the words that we think are going to be generating buzz (and, check). So we thought we would dedicate today’s Daily to remind our readers that there is a whole lot more to the Cassandra eye than the Cassandra Daily.

Who is Cassandra? We get our name from Greek Mythology. Cassandra was a Trojan Priestess to whom the god Apollo gave the gift of seeing the future. However, when she rejected Apollo’s amorous advances, he cursed her so that while she could still see the future, no one would believe her prophecies. At Cassandra, we embrace the myth but have broken the curse as we help our clients See Tomorrow™. Combining the Cassandra Daily, the iconic Cassandra Report, and custom research, we help our clients with Innovation & Product Development, Audience & Thought Leadership, and Messaging & Communication, all through the lens of knowing Trendsetting youth.

Image of a girl wearing a VR headset and pointing upward


Businesses and brands come to Cassandra for help identifying unmet needs that youth point to in the marketplace. In partnership, we discover and ideate new product and service opportunities and optimize user experiences. The Cassandra Report’s® curated and uncommon findings can be used to identify emerging needs, and custom research can help quantify and size market opportunities. We also tap into the Cassandra Collective (our always on global community of Trendsetters) to partner with clients in co-creation workshops, bringing the voice of youth and the consumer directly into the innovation process.

Image of Kathy Sheehan, VP of Cassandra, speaking at the 2022 Cassandra Sessions. The screen behind her has the title "Gen Alpha" with an infinity sign connecting the words "Infinite Challenges" and "Infinite Possibilities"


Another key area of our work is uncovering new insights about youth audiences that help brands develop compelling and ownable stories in support of their business objectives. Whether clients are looking to create meaning on a global scale or among a hyper specific audience, Cassandra can identify trend signals from the Cassandra Report®, further explore motivations behind nascent trends through qualitative research, and then provide rigorous, custom insights through quantitative research that lead to a deeper understanding of their audience and actionable thought leadership.

Image of a group of diverse young adults walking in a parking lot and smiling and laughing


At the heart of understanding what type of marketing and advertising is going to most effectively resonate with today’s audiences is the need to be immersed in current cultural trends and to understand emerging consumer values. The Cassandra Report® has been studying youth culture and values since our founding in the 1990’s, thereby providing brands with a rich perspective on what is new, what is now and what is next.

If you’d like us to help you See Tomorrow in 2023 give us a shout here.